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Various types of chemical peels are offered at W Med Spa Newport Beach.  These peels can be as light (yet still effective) as our “lunchtime peel” all the way to much deeper peels that do require a week or more of noticeable peeling and recovery.  Would you love to have a clearer, smoother skin in record time? If you would (and who wouldn’t?) then a chemical peel therapy might be what you are looking for to achieve your goals. It is a chemical exfoliation technique that will significantly improve the overall appearance of your skin, through the removal of dead or damaged skin layers, helps unload some of the skin pigment that creates those unsightly spots, and stimulates better quality skin production for you.  


At W Med Spa Newport Beach, we most often incorporate chemical peels into our programs of ZO® Skin Health, as well as our other technologies. This is done after your consultation, which includes an in-depth analysis, a discussion of your goals and objectives, and preparation (and then application) of a protocol program designed specifically for you based on our principles of concierge service.

Are Chemical Peels Right for You?

Chemicals peels are suitable for patients in good physical health who wish to improve the overall appearance of their skin towards a desired outcome.  They are not without risks, which will be discussed during your consultation and informed consent processes. Many of the chemical peels are not going to be utilized with people who are sensitive to the products or have actual allergies such as those allergic to aspirin.


There are light, medium and deep chemical peels, which comprise different active ingredients, blended to suit different skin needs and to achieve different goals.

Authentic chemical peel formulations for specific skin types are delivered by our trained professionals under the guidance of our Medical Director, Dr. Garrett Wirth. Due to the varying strengths and actions of various chemical peel therapies, a consultation is required to determine the appropriate treatments tailored to suit the uniqueness of your skin.


If any, the after-effects of a chemical peels treatment are negligible, and they may include a slight discomfort and/or pigment changes.  It is our goal to achieve proper levels of peeling for you, and the result may be a short duration of pink color to the skin, 3-5 days of skin peeling, or longer periods of skin peeling and pink color depending on the depth of peel done for you.

LED Light Therapy

This technology is an LED Light therapy which capitalizes on the ability of various isolated wavelengths of light to affect cell growth, circulation and as well inhibits the existence of acne-causing bacteria. The use of LightStim® aids in stimulating the production of collagen, enhance skin elasticity, calm inflammation and boost skin rejuvenation. This therapy isl targeted at making the skin more radiant, even toned and smooth.

The treatment is a milder, yet very effective alternative to more intensive treatments like chemical peels and microneedling.  It is most often used in coordination with various treatments, but almost always with a program designed for Skin Health and long-term success.

The treatment may be right for you if –

  • You have acne

  • You have enlarged pores

  • You have a rough or dull skin

  • Your skin appears crepey

  • Your skin is reddened or inflamed

  • You have fine lines or wrinkles

Book a consultation with W Med Spa Newport Beach to know more about the potency of LightStim® treatment in Newport Beach, California and let us help you achieve that world-famous Southern California Newport Beach look and feel.

Unclutter your skin for an even, healthy glow!

Dermaplaning is a mechanical exfoliation process, famed for its effectiveness in the elimination of dead skin and microscopic hairs which dulls one’s complexion. During a dermaplaning therapy at W Med Spa Newport Beach, our team of licensed professionals in dermaplaning will make use of a surgical scalpel to scrape off dead skin cells and even fine hairs (“peach fuzz”) on the surface of your skin with medical precision. The result is one of an unclogged skin with a radiant glow and naturally elegant appeal.

Dermaplaning Candidates

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation therapy that is suitable for all skin types, with a limitation to those with inflamed acne (and some other infection or inflammatory conditions) due to the use of a sharp scalpel in the process. The best candidates for dermaplaning include those with

  • Fine lines

  • Dehydrated skin

  • Dull skin complexion

  • Skin breakouts

  • Flaky skin

  • Sun damage


Dermaplaning can only be appropriately carried out by a licensed professional  as is done at W Med Spa Newport Beach. This is to ensure the safest result under medical supervision. in a relaxed and welcoming environment


Call W Med Spa Newport Beach today at (949) 706-9988 today, to ask about dermaplaning or book a consultation for overall opportunities to achieve that “World Famous Southern California Newport Beach Look and Feel”™.

A delicate, minimally invasive treatment.

If you are looking for the opportunity to improve the look and feel of your skin without surgery, you should consider microneedling.  When your skin looks and feels healthy, you naturally feel more radiant, attractive, and confident. The team at W Med Spa Newport Beach offer microneedling in order to gently stimulate the skins natural healing and regeneration process.  

Microneedling utilizes highly specialized, tiny needles to precisely promote the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and new skin tissue for smoother, firmer and even-toned skin. The process works by creating pinpricks, which the skin perceives as “injuries.” From this the body’s reaction is the stimulation of collagen production to tend to the injuries by creating fresh tissues. Consequently, the newly produced tissues replaces the old, and leads to the wrinkled skin becoming less wrinkled, generalized skin tightening and more radiant to provide a younger look.

Microneedling treatment is intended for the treatment of wrinkles, aging, acne and other conditions that might lead to a more aged appearance in order to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.

Microneedling Candidates

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy might be suitable for you if

  • You are in good mental and physical health

  • You seek the treatment of scars, large pores, and wrinkled skin

  • You yearn for an even-toned, firmer, more radiant and smoother skin.


A consultation session with us will help you understand the processes involved in microneedling, let us help you understand if you are a candidate and guide you as to what you might expect with microneedling treatments at W Med Spa Newport Beach for that world famous Southern California Newport Beach look.

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