meet dr. wirth


W Med Spa Newport Beach is located in the world-famous Southern California region known for beauty and wellness. W Med Spa Newport Beach is owned and operated by world renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Garrett Wirth and his staff including certified licensed professionals. 


W Med Spa Newport Beach adopts non-invasive, medically tested and approved procedures to offer patients a wide range of aesthetic skin care enhancements and transformations using the latest products and processes alongside time tested, proven products and interventions that never lost their essence or efficacy. We utilize what's been tested and proven to work, not just products that are advertised as the "latest and greatest". W Med Spa Newport Beach will frequently incorporate new technologies and protocals as long as they have been proven to work.

We offer a full and extensive selection of cosmetic and beauty treatments provided in a luxurious spa atmoshpere under careful medical supervision.  W Med Spa Newport beach is currently under the direction of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Owing to the solid experience, medical certifications and high level of expertise exhibited by Dr. Garrett A Wirth MD, MS, FACS, our processes are proven to work and delivered to you in a way to be confortable, enjoyable and always carried out with ease. 

Why go to W Med Spa Newport Beach?

If you love to take the guesswork out of your skincare treatments and regimens, then you must opt for the absolute best practices  that are personalized to suit your needs and meet your goals.


W Med Spa Newport Beach is all about providing you a program designed specifically for  you to achieve that youthful look, healthy glow and feeling of well-being that is so often associated with Newport Beach California. 

Our team of professionals will help you avoid the anxiety that comes from embarrassing errors that might result from undergoing services provided by unlicensed professionals/spas, who may not be certified to carry out procedures you need or simply be pushing products that would not be beneficial for you.

custom enviornments in our practice

Each treatment room in W Med Spa Newport Beach has an environment designed to meet the needs for treatment application, but also to achieve a luxury experience. (a difficult balance indeed!) Custom color lighting, music, and luxurios gravity blankets relaxing you during our FDA cleared and approved procedures.


Just look at the elegance and class of W Med Spa Newport Beach.

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